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Art Community

ArtD'Hope Art Community is a social platform for artists to publish, share & discuss art & artworks. It's a free platform in which you can register using your email address to create your profile. After creating your profile you can start publishing your artworks, follow other artists, like and comment on other artworks, Favourite the artworks which you like. 

Your profile at the Art Community is your face at ArtD'Hope, You need your profile to participate in events & content, Submit your artwork to Art Store, etc. Our volunteers will pick artworks from the Art Community and contact them for joining our Art Store. So always keep your Art Community profile updated. 

You can use the Art Community using the mobile application or website. You can find the mobile application in the android play store.  

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  • Q.How to join Art Community

    You can join the community for free from this link "". By providing your name, email address and password you can start creating your account. You need to verify your email address to activate your account and start uploading artworks to your profile. 

  • Q. Where can i find the verification mail?

    The community will send the verification email to your registered email address. If you cant find it in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder, and mark the mail as not SPAM for getting the future mails directly to your inbox. If you still can't find the verification mail either in your inbox or your spam folder, then please contact the support at 

  • Q. Why my email address already exist?

    While signing up, you may face this error "Your email address already exists". That means you already have an account in the community. You can either use the password reset option to reset your account password or use a different email address to continue and create a new account. 

  • Q. How to upload artworks?

    After creating your community profile you can find the upload artwork button as a floating button (center bottom) on the dashboard area or you can find an upload button on the top right side (menu) of the dashboard screen. You can upload 10 images together to the community, but please understand these 10 images will be considered as a single post (single artwork). If you are trying to upload 10 different artworks, make sure you upload each images separately to create 10 posts for each artwork. 

  • Q. How many artworks can i upload?

    Right now there is no limitation for uploading artworks, you can upload any number of artworks as of now. 

  • Q. Is there any format for uploading artworks?

    No we don't have any specific format for uploading artworks in the community, But it's your profile and its your artwork. Try to present your artwork in the best way you can. We prefer artworks which are perfectly cropped and without frames. More over only well presented artworks will be selected for inclusion in featured artworks space, so make sure to present your artworks in the best possible manner.

  • Q. How to update my profile picture?

    During the initial steps of creating your profile you can find the option for uploading your profile image. If you forget to upload your profile image then you can edit your profile and upload new profile image by going to the "Profile settings" menu which you can access by clicking on the profile image showed on the top right side of the screen. When you are at the profile settings page you can change your profile image by clicking the "change profile avatar" button. 

  • Q. What is my profile link/URL?

    You profile link is very important for sharing your profile with other people.  Once you contact the support they may ask for your profile link to verify your membership. You can find your profile link by following these steps.

    1, While you are at the dashboard click on the username showed on the right side of the screen to open up a menu.

    2, click again on the username/yourname which displayed in the menu. 

    3, now you are viewing your profile page, copy the URL/Web adress showed in the browser. 

    That is your profile URL. For example : 

  • Q. What is the Artwork Link/URL?

    You need your artwork URL for submitting it in different forms or sharing it to the support people. You can get each URL for each artworks you uploaded in the community. For copying this URL please follow these steps. 
    1, Open the specific artwork which you want to copy the URL. 

    2, In that popup screen you can find a comment box on the bottom right side. Near the comment box you will find a small ARROW button. If you click on the ARROW button it will open up a menu.

    3, From the menu click on the "COPY LINK" to copy the artwork URL. 

    You can paste this to any browser window to open up your artwork as a single image or paste it to the email body to share your artwork URL. 

  • Q. How to delete my account?

    You can delete your account by going to the "Profile Settings" page. which can be accessed from the user menu which opens up while clicking on the "username" found on the top right side of the screen. When you are at the profile settings page you can find the "Delete Account" button on the right bottom of the screen. 

  • Q. How to download art community mobile application?

    You can download the Art Community mobile application from Android Play store. Go to play store in your android phone and search for Artdhope Art Community to find the application or you click this link to access the Play store page directly. iOS Mobile application for iPhone is not ready yet we will update this section when it is live.  

  • Q. I need support for creating my profile

    Feel free to contact our support person at this mail ( for any support regarding creating your account or uploading your artworks or even related to art sales.