Dream Catcher Painting Artwork By Ameen Khaleel

Art Description

In the dream, the self pursues an impossible object, which involves seeing, hearing or feeling something that, in reality, does not exist. But the brain is convinced of the opposite and the legitimate. He is convinced that everything that happens in the dream is real. In the same way that, in a waking dream, a series of particular images is associated with the calls and the thoughts that one could have during a day. All of this turns into an overwhelming dream and we find ourselves sitting right in our bed, in utter confusion.


My work portrays a fragile human being (who I am), concerned about his immediate environment and his struggle to find a balance as a painter-artist. Feelings mingled with uncertainty and hope, his tangentiality is both a question and a response... 

About Artist

Ameen Khaleel

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ArtWork Specifications

  • Height x Width (cm) 350.52 x688.34
  • Art Medium Acrylic Painting
  • Art Materials Canvas

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