“Bull” Artwork by N Balamurali Krishnan


This artwork is a part of the art exhibition “Boundless Limit”


Size – 4 x 5 feet

Medium & Material – Acrylic on Canvas


About the Artist:
N. Balamuralikrishnan is an artist from Kerala, India. He is an executive member of Kerala Lalithakala Academy.

He got Kerala Lalithakala Academy State awards(1996 & 2015), Teacher Kalavedi Award (1995), Raja Ravivarma Award (1999), Highly Commended Certificate from KLKA (1986 & 87). He also got Best director (short film) from Asianet for his short film named “Adayalam” (2005).

His solo shows include “Memoirs of Onattu Kara” Durbar Hall Art Gallery (2020), KLKA Art Gallery Thiruvananthapuram (2019), Evoor Art Gallery (2015), Kerala Lalithakala Academy Gallery Alappuzha (2014), Durbar Hall Art Center Kochi (2012), Goorki Bhavan, Russian Cultural Center TVM (2004), Purogamana Kala Sahithya Sangam, Kannur (1994) & Sopanam Art Gallery, KLKA (1994).

He has also participated in group shows like “Rustic Footmarks” Durbar Hall Art Gallery (2020), Nanappa Art Gallery (2019), KLKA Durbar Hall (2015), Sara Art Gallery Bangalore (2015), Jew town, Mattanchery (2013), State Art Exhibition, Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy (2011), Sooryakanthi Art Gallery (2003), “Safadar Hashmi Mahotsavam” (2002), Alliance Franchise’de KLKA (1995), Kendra Lalithakala Academy Madras Regional Center (1997) and Annual Exhibitions KLKA (1984 – 1999). He has also participated in 20+ camps all over India.

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N Balamurali Krishnan

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