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  • Ann Mathew

    July 24, 2023 at 3:24 pm

    I understand your perspective on AI art, and it’s a valid concern that some AI-generated artworks may be attributed solely to the AI itself, overshadowing the human artist’s contribution. It’s essential to acknowledge that AI in art is a tool, a collaborator, and not a substitute for the creative mind and talent of human artists.

    As you rightly pointed out, AI can be a helpful aid when you encounter creative blocks or seek inspiration. Using AI-generated imagery as a starting point and then infusing it with your unique artistic approach is a brilliant way to leverage technology while maintaining the essence of your creative expression.

    The beauty of AI art lies in its ability to spark new ideas and push the boundaries of artistic exploration. It can generate surreal and unexpected concepts that might never have crossed the human imagination. However, the true artistry comes from how humans interpret, adapt, and transform these AI-generated visions into tangible masterpieces.