An Ode to Abstract – By Artist Aaron Kuriakose

One interesting art that discusses the usage of different shades of acrylic including blues and greens, captures the natural scenery “An Ode to Abstract”. The Use of acrylics in this nature-based abstract art is done by Aaron kuriakose. In this article, we discuss how Aaron explores the trend of using shades of acrylic paint to create nature-inspired abstract artworks that is both captivating and imaginative.

Conceptual art has shown a growing interest especially in using dark shades in nature-based abstract. Acrylic is a popular medium for expressing this style, as it allows artists to create depth and texture with a range of tones, from muted grey, green and blue to deep purples, mustard and rogue. The resulting pieces often have a free, atmospheric quality that captures the power and beauty of the natural world.

Aaron states that many artists are drawn to the use of dark shades in nature abstract because it allows them to explore and control more mysterious intricate details in their work. Also, the artist adds that the use of dark shades in nature abstract is not limited to acrylic painting alone of course. Other mediums, such as charcoal, oil, dry, ink and others are widely used but acrylic is more flexible in medium to create an abstract for beginners that can be used in atmospheric pieces that capture the essence of the natural world. For example, by using shades of black, dark green, and deep violet, any passionate artists can create paintings that evoke feelings of foreboding, mystery, and dreamy like sensation. These emotions are often present in nature, particularly in the wilder and more untamed aspects of the landscapes, all you need is some inspiration and trust in yourself.

Aaron mastered this style in his work, where he uses acrylic paintings of landscapes and seascapes for their uses of different shades. He is particularly drawn to stories of skies, sunsets, and dark valleys. The artist used different techniques of brushstrokes to create the grass clouds and sky-like textures. The paintings of Aaron showcase the excitement and create a sense of fascination.

The blue sky painting truly captivates the subject of freedom, happiness and expression. A blue sky always makes a sense of openness and possibility, as if anything is within reach. This feeling is often captured by artists in their drawings, paintings, and artworks as a backdrop.

“Feel and indulge in the artwork that you are creating because you never know whether you are making a masterpiece of a work.” – Aaron Kuriakose

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