“ROR 2” Artwork By Blodsow VS


This artwork is a part of the art exhibition “Boundless Limit”


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Size – 48 x 36 Inch

Medium & Material – Pigment, Acrylic & Granite Dust on Canvas

Year – 2020

About the Artist:

Blodsow is an artist schooled by instinct alone. He enjoys working close to nature, using as many natural materials. For him, art means questioning accepted norms and offering fresh insights into familiar issues, especially the social pressures that encase every individual human. Of particular interest to him is the death of socialism and hypocrisies in matters related to sex, aggression, and the class struggle. At the core of his art, he questions an individual’s fear of change, fear of taking control or leading. Finally, he is always exploring the alienation that is becoming integral to human life, as we pursue an elusive materialism, while simultaneously losing the human dimension in every facet of life.

Blodsow has conducted many solo and group exhibitions. Some of his solo exhibitions include “Alienation and Reality” at Alliance Française de Chandigarh, Alliance Française de Madras and Alliance Française de Pondicherry in 2005, “Hope in the time of Alienation”- IIT, Mumbai in 2003, “Down to Earth”- NatureQuest at Book Point, Chennai in 2003.

Some of his group shows are “Between the Lines” at Gallery 27 Kochi, in 2019, “Everybody is the other, no one is himself” also at the Gallery 27 Kochi in 2017. During 2012 -2013 he conducted a group show named “37 Indian Still Lifes” at Tasveer Arts Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore. In 2007 a group show named “Fragmented translation” was held at the Hues Art Gallery, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

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Acrylic, Granite Dust, Pigments




Blodsow VS